Decada Cincuenta a Sesenta

Submitted by:

Jamera, Cedric
Ricablanca, Chiara Mari
Sinamban, Ardeth
Servano, Jence Carlo
Sorenio, Karl

The Golden Age of Television paved the way for media to increase and boost its coverage in spreading information to the public. Moreover, the process of disseminating news and updates to different regions and countries was less of a struggle at that moment than it was before. People can now interpret information in a more accurate way due to the visual representation of the news in the television. But, not only did we have visual aids to help us interpret the information here, recording devices were also introduced at this era to help people actually store the information for future reference. In retrospect, this was the innovation that started the development for storing data and information. This also opened up new opportunities for journalism and news reporting during that era. Especially with the introduction of audiocassettes, journalists can now accurately quote their interviews for credibility and accuracy. But, what they didn’t know is with these small steps in the development of media comes a much bigger platform that will create a new era in the media context. And that they were taking small steps toward the future of media that will revolutionize technology and the lives of the public. They were one step closer to The Internet.


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