A President for all Filipinos.

Good morning/afternoon my fellow Filipinos, I would like to start this speech by saying, there is hope for a better tomorrow.

I am not your typical Presidential candidate. I was not blessed with the good looks that my fellow candidates have. I don’t have the financial backing needed to support me in this campaign, hell, I don’t even have enough money to print a handful of flyers to give to you my dear supporters. But instead, I am here, standing before you today, because I believe that there is hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better Philippines, hope for us all.

Have you always felt that something is missing in our government?  Have you ever hoped that someone new would bring change, the good kind of change, not the things that we have in our country today?  Have you ever felt that our government feels disconnected with its own people? With us Filipinos?

Of course you have. I also felt those kind of things. We have hoped for those things, believed in those things, but those things ended up being dreams. Dreams that could never be reached with the type of administration we have today.

Like you my fellow Filipinos, I am also at the receiving end of our government’s bad decisions. But let me ask you this, will you just sit there and let this happen to our dear motherland? To let the sacrifices of our ancestors who fought for our country be in vain?

To my dear Filipinos, regardless of gender, race, religion, or social status, our country has been led astray by greed and the wrong kind of ambition, kumbaga, kung tayo ay nasa tuwid na daan noon, bigla tayong lumiko at nag U-turn pabalik sa isang lugar na hindi maganda.

There is hope for a better tomorrow, my beloved Filipinos, even for our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ+ community who have been discriminated, hated by your fellow countrymen because you chose to be who you are, you chose to follow your heart instead of hiding your true self because of the social stigma portrayed to you by obsolete standards, if you elect me, I will be the leader you’ll need to give a you a better tomorrow.

I want to solve the problems of our country. I want to solve all of them with your help, not with the help of a “strong-man” politician who will cowardly sell our country to another country for his own personal reasons, or some rich politician who’ll exploit our country for his personal gains, but I want the with the help of a fellow regular Filipino who wants change, fellow Filipinos who know what the Filipino people need.

I promise you, my dear Filipinos, that I will not only restore the Philippines back to its glory days, back to when citizens didn’t fear the government, and instead help them achieve a better country for the future generations, but I promise you that I’ll create a better tomorrow. A hope for a better tomorrow.

Estil, Mark Angelo

Jamera, Cedric

Nobleza, Angelo Raphael

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