Nourish the Motherland, In the name of our fathers

Standing here, in front of all my dearest kapwa Filipinos, on the side of our Nation’s Flag, on our Motherland’s soil, gives me such a great and wondrous feeling. It reminds me of everything that our country has been through: from the time the Muslims arrived to the Sulu Archipelago, where the tradition of our religious hearts have first stirred. The time of the Spanish expedition, where our Forefathers were imprisoned by the Spaniards, and have them whipped and our mothers violently raped. Tandaan ang The cry of Pugadlawin: ang panahon na ginisi ng mga katipuneros ang ating napaka-abusadong cedula as they shout in contempt against the viscious spaniards. Tandaan rin, ito yung panahon na ang ating Pambansang Bayani, even Our very own Jose P. Rizal. Risked his very life- and all of his loved ones, if not all the filipinos back then, – upang ipagtanggol ang ating bansa gamit ang lapis, papel, and makapangyarihang niyang mga salita. Ito ang panahon na ang mga naakatapang nating La Liga Filipina ay nagsimula na lumaban ng patago para sa inang Bayan. At nang binaril ang ating pinakamamahal na bayani ng nakatalikod sa bansa, ang mismong Inang Bayan ay bumaha sa luha. Tandaan din ang pagsakop pa ng mga Hapon, those long, agonizing three years that must’ve felt like 3 decades full of pain and suffering. Pagkatapos ang pagsakop din ng mga Amerikano, bago natin nakamit ang ating sariling Inang Bansa, even our own Promising Independence on that Historical summer of 1946. Kung kailan natin nawagayway ang ating sariling Pambansang Watawat, at nagkaroon ng Unang Opisyal na President na si President Manuel L. Quezon.

May all those heroes, and all heroes that i have not mentioned but are as just as noble nonethless, Rest in Peace with God. I just love, love, the feeling of remembering all that, then standing here and seeing how far beyond we’ve become. We are now a free people. We have our own laws, we have a current president by our own choice. We own homes, jobs, education, families, and even friends. We own our own lives. And we must never, ever dare to forget who to give credit to for all that. God Bless our Beloved Ancestors, our Noble Heroes, our Mother Soil. And Praise ever be to the God Almighty, who through His Tender Mercy and beyond-comprehension Love, made all of this possible!

Yet, even as a free people. We all have our differences, we all have our flaws. We make mistakes. The rules that the free people chose have all made mistakes. Presidents themselves have their mistakes and they admit it. Yet they try harder and harder to make it better. Mistakes are meant to happen, anyway. They are there to set an example of what not to do, and how to do it right the next time around. Take a look at our Former Presidents, all of them have learned and done better than the president before them. Well, maybe not all, but you can tell that improvement is continuous and expanding with every new president. I am not a perfect man, i make mistakes. But I am a man that accepts his own flaws, weaknesses, and shortcomings that I may learn right away how to overcome all these negativities. I do not tend to waste time denying my wrongdoings. I do not tend to waste time on weeping, and stressing out because of my mistakes. I know i will have them, but i do not tend to waste a single second on things that are not necessary and beneficial. I either correct or improvise. Immediately. I can promise you that!

And like what i’ve said about learning from previous presidents, as a noble man running for the position, I too have already learned a whole book of knowledge from our previous presidents, and i have already some big big plans for our MotherLand, but my main plan for the MotherLand is this: The philippines to be a 2nd World Country!

Philippines is considered a third world country because we are allied neither with the United States nor with the former Soviet Union. Philippines is considered as Underdeveloped or one od the developing countries, as in The conditions in our poorest rural areas resemble those in the third world. This expression originated in the mid-1900s, at first denoting those countries in Asia and Africa that were not aligned with either the Communist bloc nations or the non-Communist Western nations. Because they were for the most part poor and underdeveloped, the term was transferred to all countries with those characteristics, and later still to poorer groups within a larger prevailing culture.

But my beloved fellow filipinos, let me ask you something: are we really poor? Look around you. Realize what we are, where we are. We are a whole country of abundance, surround by more natural resources than most countries! I promise you, that we have such great potential to raise higher and become 2nd-world. Vote for me, and I will nourish this Mother Soil. I will increase the level of education of the population, social programs, and government assistance to its citizens to its level of industrialization and dependence of agriculture. Oh aking minamahal na Pilipino, determindao po akong pataasin ang level of development ng ating ekonomiya. Determinado akong magiging 2nd world country ang Inang Bansa! No more to babes crying for alms on the street! No more for debts to overwhelm our backs with its weight! No more for forced feeling to rob for the sake of survival! No more need for blackmailing for we will all have plenty! We will all have enough! Our children will all have sufficient food, water, shelter, educations, love, and care! No more to poverty! No more to countries looking down on us as we have always been standing on higher ground!!

To Go back to My respect for our beloved heroes and ancestors, they are on the highest scale, and I assure you that the honourable sacrifices, desperate endeavors, and determined aspirations, of our beloved heroes for this, our Mother Country Philippines, shall not be put to waste. I promise that all the noble ones that stood up for our Flag shall not have died in vain. I will not, I cannot let it be. I will not let this country, the Pearl of the Orient Seas, become such a shame after all the storms, tempest, and dashing waves that it has been though. I promise that, Through the Power of the Almighty God, this Philippine soil will grow, and it will become the free, peaceful, and successful country that our ancestors dreamed it will be. It will become 2nd world. It will become better, and reach the potential we’ve always had. God Bless the Philippines! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


Ardeth Sinamban

Jence arlo Servano

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