IDENTITY CHECK: Are you intelligent or average?

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” – Oscar Wilde

Have you ever tried questioning yourself about who you really are? Have you ever doubted your capabilities? Have you ever said “I’m the best?” Whether the answer is yes or no, let’s dig deeper to explore every granule of your inner being.

We, individuals, have our own share of ups and downs. As a result, our confidence level tend to loosen up – either in a positive demeanor or the other way around. As a matter of fact, it affects our way of thinking and how we make decisions in life.

Last October 2, 2018, we conducted a social experiment in lieu with our topic on identity construction for our comm 10 class. The experiment was conducted along the corridors of PA3 room inside the UPV Iloilo City Campus. “Average” and “Intelligent” words were the two labels placed clearly along the corridor where people can pass through. Upon passing the labeled portion of the corridor, questions were asked by the observers, until they come up with a lot of observations coming from the responses of every individual:

(1) Why did you choose such?

Mostly, we’ve receive responses like, just because that’s how I define myself or some says, “I’ve been drag by my classmates and friends.” Others honestly said that they do not consider their selves as intelligent because they have more to go. They have many rooms for improvement. And others confidently believes what they’re capable of, that’s why they choose intelligent.

(2) What made you decide to choose such?

Certain factors are to be considered to make them believe they are “average” or “intelligent” and mostly the reasons are external or it doesn’t come from within themselves. What other people think of who they are reflected to what they view themselves. For example, their grades do really matter to rate their individual intellect as well as opinions and criticisms they hear about them. Being surrounded by intelligent people makes you believe also you are part of the whole like it’s contagious especially when you’re from a family of achievers according to some respondents.

(3) Who influenced you to choose such?

People believe in what they believe they are. Hence, personal perspective was their common response to this question. They know themselves… their capabilities and limits which made them choose “average” or “intelligent.” It’s how they perceive themselves. But others’ choices were subject of peer pressure which they should be “average” or “intelligent” in order not to be different and be left out.

(4) Is that how you actually define yourself?

All of them confidently agreed on the said question. They believe that whatever influences they may have, peers or family, they would remain on their own chosen side. ” ‘Cause at the end of the day, they would want to face tomorrow with the one whom they could count on, and that would be themselves. They believed that having concrete identity would enable them to be effective in their daily lives.

Generally, People who chose the “average” side said that if they chose to be on the average side of the spectrum there will be no huge expectations for them which is quite pressuring for them to take in and they are afraid that people around the area would judge them if they chose the “intelligent” one and the crowd will be over reacting.

For the people who chose the intelligent side, they are confident enough to define themselves as intelligent ones because they are nurtured by their experiences in UP which made them stronger and smarter. Also some didnt explain why its just because they are an Isko/Iska and that being said is already enough to define themselves as an intelligent one.

More than the technical aspect of this social experiment it was conducted because a lot of people are confused about their identity which is developed not internally but externally.

The choices that each person makes are crucial in identifying what he/she truly believes. The social experiment is a reflection on people depicts themselves. The experiment only shows a glimpse of their viewpoint on how they view intelligence, if either they are qualified to call themselves with such name or not. Intelligent or average, we are still knowledgeable in our own way.

Samantha Villacorta

Kyla Villanueva

Jessa Jen Garbino

Reyban Sabordo

Glannerry Kate Salarza

Mark Estil

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