Which way are you? A social experiment.

The purpose of the experiment was to determine how people evaluate themselves; whether they view themselves as intelligent or average. The experiment was conducted along the PA corridors, near Lozano Hall (Old Iloilo City Hall), located inside the University of the Philippines Visayas city campus. It was done by placing two “portals” along a narrow pathway near the PA 3 classroom. On top of one of the portals was a sign which reads “Intelligent” and another sign which reads “Average” was placed on the other portal. The results were gathered by asking an individual who has gone through one of the portals a series of questions regarding his/her decision in choosing that particular portal.

After interviewing the participants of the social experiment, we have observed that a majority of UP students and staffs chose the intelligent path mainly because they are students of UP. And as Iskolars ng Bayan, we are the chosen few to study in this prestigious university, and thus are intelligent in nature.
Furthermore, the respondents’ answers were based on how they perceive themselves whether average or intelligent. Although the results may not be as accurate as should be considering the fact that some are in a hurry and the social experiment was not at their utmost convenience.
By reflecting on the gathered information from the participants, we have arrived at an understanding that they themselves had the freedom to choose between the two without being influenced by anyone. Although when further questioned, it was revealed that their answers were influenced by external factors but they are not just aware of how their environment affect their self-perception.

Establishing one’s identity amidst all the ‘labels’ that society has put up involves a lot of effort, time, and courage. In this experiment, we therefore conclude that our respondents’ decision, choosing between the average and intelligent, is influenced by their own perception of themselves. People will always have the free will to choose between the different identities that other external factors are putting up. Yes, there may be a lot of of identities for a single person, however, it is his/her right to choose which one would he/she live up. People will always have their free will to choose who they are, what they are, and whom they would like to be in the future.


Angelo Raphael C. Nobleza, Socorro Bay H. Sarabia, Rea Mae S. Solano, Joshua Steven C. Rose, Rexelle Bless L. Velasco

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