Entering to a new dimension



Article by: Potato, Rasgo, Sante

The idea of media and communication 50 years from now would be a dynamic concept. Everything would be accessible and available with just a flick of wrist or a snap of a finger. From the slim and handy touched-screen phones, the smart watches, and tablets that connects you to the globe until the time when people will no longer need to carry any piece of gadget. No more complains on misplaced phones nor stolen gadgets because everything is in just in your body-built in! A chip inside the body will took care of your everyday needs. Microchips can be program to suite for each individuals need from a very own personal key to your very own credit card or even in measuring your health (Eltorai, 2016). Media and communication would probably be not the “complicated” media and communication anymore, but it would be just as easy as blinking and breathing for that matter. Holograms are the new norm in communicating with far away friends and relatives. Students will be enrolled in e-classroom (Yusel, 2018) where projectors and Tv’s replaced physical teachers with lessons being taught and to be broadcasted to any part of the world.  Phones would be like bandages or tape just wrapping around our fingers or hands where our brain sends signals of whom to call or contact depending on the situation, if we want to send a normal message or an SOS alert (Strickland, 2014). In the future, Telepathy will be made possible just like how werewolves on fictional books communicate with each other. They talk and connect with their minds. Yet, of course it has something to do with physics, electronics and science. Everybody is linked to everyone in the world using a single database. With the development of 5g technology (Bonhill Publications, 2019), there’s nothing to hide and no more lies to tell in an openly connected community. But considering the other side of the door,  there needs to be a control of data that will be put up on the database– psychiatrists, inventors, innovators, scientists and other authoritative people in charge of maintaining peace will have to discuss what they should do to avoid civilians from having break downs or from exaggerating things that should not be. And once we took that great step towards a new dimension, viola! An efficient and more connected world is waiting for us in the next fifty years.


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*Photo taken at raoinformationtechnology.com

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