The Future of Communication and Media

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“From primary orality through to our current age, there have been a number of major communication advancements traceable through the tools and technology that have risen.” (Barrow, 2009)

Life has changed dramatically over the past century, and a major reason for this is the progression of media technology. Methods of media and communication have come a long way since the grunts of the early cave men. Before, communication is merely in the form of context, like drawings on the walls of caves, gestures and such. Communication was more personal and a face-to-face contact but now communication and media emerges into a great extent. With society moving into the electronic age, more people are communicating in cyberspace not only to access more information, but also to create a reality of their own.

Revolution in every corner of the virtual world today is occurring. Children of today and tomorrow will likely not remember broadcast, radio, music or any type of information or entertainment being limited to one device, one screen, or one delivery system. The computer may have changed since the 80’s, but communications and media are changing how our world discovers information today.  Media and communication is a rapidly changing and the world’s fastest growing industry. Gone are the days of typewriters, rotary phones and snail mails, phone book and dictionaries. The access to and use of digital media technologies such as PCs, the Internet, computer games, mobile telephones, etc., have become a normal aspect of everyday life in the world community country.

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In 50 years from now, the world will probably be witnessing the fastest transformations brought about  by advancements in communications technology. People and the society are increasingly mobile and urban. Geographical, political and social landscapes are changing. All of these have impact on the way people communicate. The touchscreens in people’s smartphones will be invading every part of their lives; from the bathroom mirror, to the touchscreen table and even the possibility to interact with your living-room touch window.

Communication is like the lever which drives the

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modern world, across every sphere of life, and the media, the fulcrum, that connects and influences the society, through evolution. The world has invented so powerful technology that its people might become the slave of it. People say that face-to-face conversations is “the most human thing we do.” What are the consequences of living in a world where people do this less and less? With this in mind, visualizing what communication and media might look like in 50 years’ time is incredibly challenging and at the same time quite alarming.



– Nicole Pauline Plagata & Ma. Lorena Serisola



Barrow, 2009. A Brief History of Communication Media.

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