SURPRISE OF THE FUTURE: Are we ready for it?

              We live in this world with gradual changes cause by our creative imagination. Everything is instant, but are we assured of its convenience forever?

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Let’s travel back in the time when there were handwritten letters, telegram, beeper, etc. and the days you still watch television in a big box.

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Communication in the past might be hard but valued while everything today is just one click away.


In 50 years, there might be all-accessed control screen for everything at home and people may contact each other by the use of hologram wherever they are.


 The telepathy in communication were people can  share their ideas without voicing out, this may be familiar from a scene in a sci-fi movie however, we must be mindful that humans has its way to make their life comfortable.

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               Aforementioned above are the predictions in the next 50 years. There are existing news about implantation of microchips in the human body that shocks the world. However, there are thousands of people living in the country of Germany and Sweden had opted to get chipped as  key cards that are useful for their transactions. 

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A dozen of satellites are being launched for connections, thus technology plays an increasing role in communication. We are excited to embrace high-tech innovations, but what if it creates greater problems ? Lost of personal interaction, competition in modernization or worst, wars in the world.We have different creative discoveries from the telephone by Graham Bill to the smartest television that we have in the market. Everything can happen and we have to accept change, use the innovations into productivity instead of destruction of humanity.

             There is a fire that keeps on burning, we couldn’t stop this technological explosion. Will these changes be a better platform? Better think of it rather than seizing the moment without thinking what will happen next.


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