What Lies Ahead

Communication and media is a relationship that involves an interaction between participants; both evolved throughout the years along with the evolution of the people and the world. From the mere simple actions and sounds like “oh” or “ah” of the first men on earth. And the old and traditional media such as speaking or talking, we, now, developed new ways of communicating which led into the discovery of new media – including software that is used by people to communicate i.e. social media apps; Facebook messenger, Gmail and etc.


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Forecasting 50 years from now, as we evolve, our ideas and imagination goes far beyond with the advancement in time, where the things we once thought are impossible and quite bizarre are now made possible specifically in the field of communication and media.


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Using a chip implanted in people’s head that links in to their systems, they can now control and do whatever they want; they can communicate by visualizing things on their own vision – seeing a projected real life figure of someone from afar as if they’re interacting right next to each other.


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Such prediction was inspired by the show “Black Mirror”, which exhibits the advancement people are capable of creating.

blackmrrorRetrieved from: https://medium.com/nyc-design/branching-narratives-black-mirror-bandersnatch-ed1b5dfde941

Truly, the human brain and its capabilities can do exemplary inventions and innovations that transcends beyond what’s expected. Change is inevitable in all aspects of life just like in communication and media which offers convenience to mankind but along these we must always be mindful of our actions and the consequences it may bring.


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