Improving Agriculture, Improving Lives


By: Rizaldo Ian Tambong and Ferlyn Gaven Legarde

Imagine a day without food, no bread, no sugar nor a grain of rice. Some may say it would be okay, but now imagine what if it was a year? A year without any supply of food primarily because agricultural industry is no longer available in the country. That is why ang agriculture ay hindi “agriculture lang” kundi ang agriculture ay ang industriyang aahon sa atin sa kahirapan. It’s been years that we have been experiencing certain issues regarding our agricultural industry and I would be willing to serve you and address this issues.

My dear agriculture student, as a BS Fisheries graduate I myself know the struggles of studying a course that is being looked down by many. Some would say “Fisheries lang yan mangigisda. Agriculture lang yan, magsasaka” not having the idea that we, this industry, brings forth the future of this nation. With three million students enrolled in higher education only 2.8% are enrolled in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries degree programs. One of the reasons for the decline in enrollment in agriculture is the negative perception of agriculture as a profession and this is because of the lack of attention given by the local governments in addressing problems on certain areas. Students, I say to you if I will be elected as your mayor I assure you of a brighter future in this industry. As a member of this sector I am very aware of the current situation and the possible solutions for his issues, the only thing needed is for it to be done into action.

My dear students I could not do this by myself alone, but needs a community effort and I see each and every one of you plays a big role for this. Together let us show the people that agriculture ay hindi basta-basta agriculture lang but rather an industry that could boost our economy.













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