“No One Will Be Left Behind, Together We Will PROGRESS”

To my Fellow Countrymen Good Morning,

                 I know some of you may hate speeches but I encourage you to be part of my advocacy for pure service. We have seen the remarkable changes that our country is experiencing right now. We have seen dramatically the increase of prices due to the current laws, the shed of blood on the slums of Manila or the Philippines rather, the heavy traffic along the EDSA, the left and right rallies by our fellow countrymen who are hungry for changes. The love story of Jonel and Leila De Lima that released  big scale plunder cases. These changes are just a mere examples of our current situation that may lead our country to great depression.

                Our country is crying in the doubt of its future. I know we are all tired of all the flowery and breakable promises of politicians since then, but I am standing here in front of you to make you believe that there is still someone ready to serve this country with pure heart, I may not be perfect but because I was once a victim of politicians’ fake promises and dark intentions, it urges me to represent the common people who is hoping for a true change in our dead and dirty government.

               Philippines needs a person who will help the youth uplift their importance, who  will bring progress to agricultural land and waters. A person who will promote equality, who will give opportunities in all Filipino workers, who will put effort in education, and a person who will not run for money but for the people.

               We gather here today, not to put us in danger but to save our country from the tyrannical patriarchy. Do you see what i see? A land lead by crocodiles and puppets that is a great grimace. We must be awakened in this reality, foresee a better community not only for me, for you but for all of us Filipinos.  

                A country that we dreamed on, living not only on our imagination but now we are gradually grasping it with our hand. With your precious vote, together lets hold and see a better future that awaits us. No one will be left behind. Vote for me if you want a  hope for our country. Thank you.


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