Ocean Catalysts: Mediators of Sustainable Tomorrow

To the people of this nation,

I stand before you as a witness to the gradual degradation of our oceans. The once vast, beautiful and rich aquatic resources have become an unbearable pile of dump ever since the evolution of technology and the rise of advanced human consciousness in our country. Numerous aquatic species have been swimming not in clean and fresh water but in plastics and other harmful garbage which were thrown in the ocean. As a result, the levels of their population keep on decreasing every single year. Garbage disposal is not only the problem which we are experiencing but also bycatch, discards, and illegal fishing. Indeed, the ocean can satisfy our needs but how long?

This nation needs a strong and determined person who will fight with sheer willpower and integrity that will hoist the sails of this country which will direct the people to the right path where the real change leads to. I know change takes time to process but if we do it together we can leap through those obstacles to envision a sustainable community not only for us but also for our aquatic resources and the lives of our marginalized fisherfolks.

My dear Filipinos, help me reach this advocacy of ours. Help me to help you stand up again and redeem this forsaken resource. This is the time that we wake up! This is the time to answer the cries of the ocean! This is the time to move and step up for the succeeding future waiting to be unveiled!


Article by:

Alar, Noreen Beah

Balad-on, Nicole

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