“Peace, Order, Justice and Equality”

Ladies and gentlemen, it is so humbling to see every one of you who have journeyed from different places join this electoral campaign.

Our country has come to a crossroad, and you have the power to change the political landscape of the Philippines. In my heart, I believe that you came here not to see me, not to listen to me, but you came here today because like me, you believe that our country can become great and you want to become active players in the endeavor of building a great nation. I believe that like me, you believe that in the face of extreme poverty, we Filipinos have been experiencing ever since the time of our ancestors because of corruption. We can stop corruption, which, like rust eating away iron, has slowly eaten us away at the very core of our values, of our being, corruption which has caused  the people of this great nation to be poor, not only in material provision but most especially, to become poor in the spirit of patriotism. I believe that like me, you believe that there is peace and order, justice and equality in the face of rampant criminality and unjust and unfair trials.

And if elected as the leader of this country, in the halfway of being in the position, my vision of a country where there is peace, order, justice, and equality, will come into reality. A change that we will be able to see.

We may be a state of 7,641 islands, a nation speaking more than a hundred dialect, but we are one country, one nation, one people, and together, we shall have one great future. And I promise to give my all to my elected position, and address all the issues that will be raised by you, the people of this country.

Article by:

Apid, Jannah Grace

Caparino, Shanine Trishia

Yumang, Sebastienne

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