Warriors of Hope

They say that the future is in the hands of the youth and that everything should be in proper cases to completely mold them into better leaders that our world needs. Bombarded with lessons, books, life teachings and many more but are the youth just good with it?

Our place is subjected to many factors, factors that can withstand and factors that shouldn’t be. We all have the voice to address these problems yet our hands are bound when action arises. This coming election, promises, and extravagant favors are given and dropped here and there. Promises that our young and youth look up to and depend for guidance and for the needed implementation.  We are all tired of this enclosed and carried by the wind sweet words of action, change, and betterment, supposedly.

This coming election, the youth will have their own voice, an identity, no more bounds and no more discrimination. The youth will hold what they possess and I, an advocate of child’s security and youth’s capabilities will stand by their side and seek for better and legal plots of change.  We will continue to uplift and focus on what we share and eradicate the barriers that divide us as a nation. We should be honest to fix the wrong things and must not tolerate the aftermath of the past illegal ways and their cunning spree practices. The change we pray shouldn’t be like the inked pages enclosed in covers that can only be appreciated by the privileged. Change should be introduced to everyone no matter what race, gender, age, status, or where you come from. Change is what we need, and I believe that the youth has a say on this and that they shouldn’t be covered or pampered because the youth are warriors of our hope. They are our thinking warriors.

All of us have the upper hand who to vote and who will be the next board for the upcoming years. No one should be set aside because everyone belongs to the population of next voters. The time where our power is put into test and flames and the power of who we voted for. We can make progress, but for us to do so, I need your vote. Stand with me, and together we will build a land where youths can express, see prosperity, and see no threat.


Amilanto, Alaina Therese

Liwag, Ava Victoria

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