Filipino Identity – meme

Filipinos are known for their hospitality when it comes to visitors whether they may be strangers or members of the family. The first meme is inspired by the welcoming personality that most Filipinos have. They tend to be very outgoing when it comes to making a guest feel welcomed in their homes especially when it involves sharing and giving food. Filipinos are all out in generosity and even when a visitor has already finished the meal and is about to leave, the host would always prepare a doggy bag for them to take home. They always put out their best every time a guest comes to visit in such a way that when they expect visitors, they tend to clean the whole area of their house and prepare a special meal to ensure that the visitors will have a comfortable and pleasant stay.

meme-apss final 3

Aside from being hospitable, Filipinos are also known for being very religious. With that said, the meme chosen to be made reflected on the religious characteristic of the Filipinos. One of the well-known events in Philippine culture is the simbang gabi. This is a distinctive Filipino Christmas tradition that proves the depth of Catholicism among the Filipino people. Simbang gabi, more than being an inherited tradition, is still practiced by most people as they believe that completing the nine masses will make your wishes come true. Despite having a hectic schedule most people especially the elder ones really strive hard to wake up as early as 3 a.m. just to be able to attend the mass. Having the fact that mass goers forgo extra sleep and rest in order to spend time with God provides a strong manifestation of the Filipinos’ faith in God.  It just goes to show that Filipinos are compacted in their beliefs and are firm in what they stand on, in this case their belief in God.

meme-apass final 1.jpg

Gonzales, Renzie Anne
Moraga, Joyce Carmel

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