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It’s perfectly normal to us, Filipinos, to criticize and taunt others, but when it’s being hurled back at us, we either can’t handle it with a straight face, or we pretend it didn’t hurt. Showcasing how we are extra sensitive to insults directed to us.

“Filipinos are sensitive to attacks on their own self-esteem and cultivate a sensitivity to the self-esteem of others as well”. One factor that could trigger a friendship or a relationship to end is when you tried attacking ones self-esteem, so this better be avoided if you don’t want to sever your relationship with the other party. One great sanction against improper behaviour is a sense of shame and embarrassment but if that certain person lacks that he’s bound to do things against the other that could hurt their feelings since he or she thought that their fine with it therefore other people might feel the same way, that’s the reason why they become insensitive towards other people’s feelings. According to a drama we’re currently watching, self-appreciation is something that could boost one’s self esteem but if it’s a little too much that you end up belittling others then there’s nothing good with it at all. There’s one concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche known as “Übermensch” which means “beyond-man or “over-man”, one example of this is that if you love yourself as it is and think positively, then even without thinking of using a friend to better yourself, you can overcome your boundaries and become someone amazing. You don’t need to risk severing your ties with other people just to climb up the ladder or be one step ahead of them. What good would it be, if you’re on top of the pyramid but no one’s there to celebrate your success with you?

by: Artuz & Sanchez

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