Memes: Mirror of Culture


Filipinos as an agricultural country never forget to plant something on their gardens. Typical Filipino families would cultivate agricultural crops or even ornamental plants so that, they will no longer buy, in case they need it. In fact, they are not only promoting a healthy environment but also allow them to save on some expenses. This is very true to people living in rural areas wherein you can just ask from your neighbours for some herbs and ingredients. Compared to high end cities where everything has an attached price tag, Filipinos do share the fruit of their labor in exchange of smiles and big thank you.

“Pag may tinanim, may aanihin”. Well, it only takes some effort to cultivate the soil and plant the seeds so that at the end of time, you will be enjoying good harvest. Vegetables are nutritious and is not restricted to any kind of diet. Having a bountiful supply from your own garden kcan prevent malnutrition among the family members. Watering the plants each day is also a good form of exercise. Philippines has a very hardworking citizens that don’t tend to get tires as long as they don’t see that everything’s fine. They are not cheap. Gardening a form of investment. It’s a time deposit for you to gain more profit.

kainIt’s a shame for those people who believe that accepting something from that people make them feel indebted. Filipino are naturally generous and often tend to share what they have received. The best example of this is by having a feast or parties and take outs are usually part of those occasion. This is a an admirable practice of giving what is more than enpugh as well strengthening our bond with our friends and relatives. It’s a social interaction that connects one Filipino family to another.

In fact, you will only receive take outs if you are a valued guest of the host. It’s a thoughtful approach so that when you reach your home, you will have something to share with your family. It’s not beggarly attitude as misinterpreted by those outside the community. It’s more like becoming a regular practice. Further, this also highlights the sense of practicality for both sides. The hosts will not be wasting excess food due to spoilage and the guest will save some cash for their next meal.


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Filipino’s are family oriented. Almost all Filipino families is a nuclear family. A look inside a Filipino family and you can see the different branches of the family from the grandparents to the adults together with their family and sometimes even the family of their children’s uncles and aunt all live in the same roof. Even when a person grows and become adult, have a great job and a family, Filipinos always want to stay close with their parents. Unlike other countries especially in the west, where most of the time grandparents are left in homes for the aged and the responsibilities of the parent and children to each other are broken, Filipinos always find time to visit their grandparents and have a joyous moment with them. They even let their children grow together with them if they are working. Filipinos are concern about the keeping strong family ties with each other.


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