Memes on Filipino Identity


Filipinos with their Big Hearts

   What could it be that Filipinos can brag about the Philippines? It is very difficult to figure out particularly when the nation battles with an image issue (Thank you Mr. President): corruption, excessive war on drugs and others. These are portions of the general impressions of the world about the Philippines that, while undesirable, are unquestionably valid.

    In any case, in spite of the many negative remarks that regularly dominate the positives, there are certainly a large number of things to be pleased with. Head of which is really: ourselves. Filipinos are famous everywhere throughout the world for their amazing characteristics, regularly minimized or neglected, yet which in any case conveys pride to the nation.

   Basically, we Filipinos can be glad for our hospitality. We are exceptionally social individuals, capable in emotionally and socially associating with others.

   Our intrinsic hospitality is particularly clear in the minding ways we associate with those near us including others outside our kinfolk circle. Indeed, this attribute is one of the distinct assets of a large number of Filipino medical professionals, like care givers and caretakers who work abroad. For the most part, we are known for our genuine concern, and caring spirit which normally make our laborers sought after abroad. In spite of the fact that it might once in a while annoy us that our nation is frequently related with labor abroad(particularly DH), we can generally take a gander at it in a progressively positive view. We can stand proud with those Filipino specialists who give excellent and certified consideration to the remainder of the world.

   Our characteristic humility is additionally reflected in our renowned friendliness that genuinely stuns any individual who has encountered it. Outsiders who come to visit the Philippines speak of Filipinos making a special effort to help them when lost, or the endearing liberality of a Filipino family facilitating a guest in his. Additionally, most outsiders who go to Filipino social affairs abroad vouch for the glow and kind disposition of Filipinos as they experience that feeling of “belongingness.” Indeed, the unbelievable Filipino hospitality isn’t restricted to the Philippines. It is wherever there are Filipinos.

  Our inherent humility is maybe best exemplified in our empathy for other people. The sort of empathy that, feels compassion, speaks to the conscience to give assistance and soothe the enduring of others. Our empathy is prominently reflected in our own ability to help others.




The Funny and Real relationship of Vicks Vapor Rub and Filipino Moms

   They say you are not a Filipino if you don’t know Vicks Vapor Rub. Funny as it seems but it is believed that it can remedy a lot of common physical problems. It can relieve headache, fade bruises, prevent acne, treat wounds, soothe all kinds of muscle pains (yes, this includes the ears, and all 4 of our limbs), treat eczema, remove toenail fungus, remove warts, prevent infections and many more. It can be considered as a mother’s trusty sidekick.

   This relation with Vicks Vapor Rub perhaps stemmed from our fascination on herbal products. Having a big population consisting of mainly low-middle class to very low income earners, Philippine health-care mostly consists of home remedies and traditional healers. These healers are not as majestic as honorable babaylans, but they get the job done using knowledge about human anatomy (bones and muscles) and herbal concoctions. These skills and knowledge are passed down generation to generation from an elder to a chosen young disciple of the same family. Now this strong belief of effective unorthodox healing resulted to parents heavily relying on menthol ointments that have very striking similarities to the herbal products they once knew.

   This is not to make fun of our Filipino moms. This is to pay our deep respects to all hard-working mothers of the Philippines.

   In the event that you have such a great amount of bills to pay and kids to put in school, setting aside extra cash would be your main need. That implies you don’t purchase new garments until your old ones are so meager, they break. Or you don’t purchase costly sustenance and depend on tuyo, instant noodles, bagoong and other cheap Filipino nourishment to fill your stomach.

   Filipino moms know their need and that is to give their kids legitimate education, so they do every one of the things to set aside extra cash. That implies even not heading off to the medical clinic on the off chance that they realize they can fix it at home. In the event that you experienced childhood in a poor family, you know how costly a medical checkup can be. So as to set aside extra cash, they avoid the specialist and fix the messes with themselves. For Filipino mothers, it is something their parents did, and their grandparents did, so why won’t it be effective?


By: Duke Monsale and Miguel Mijares

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