MEMES to reMEMEber

Presentation1Everyone wants to be complimented for what they have done even for just a simple thing. Compliments make other people feel good and mostly, they feel being appreciated. Filipinos never forget to express appreciation to someone and have always a say on something they’ve notice even the weirdest thing. They are fond of giving a lot of compliments to others. Filipinos are also known for being humble. In communicating with others, they tend to express their own ideas and opinion in a nice way and with humility to avoid appearing arrogant to someone they are talking to. It is also practiced by children to use “po” and “opo” while conversing to someone older than them to show some respect. Filipinos tend to use formal speech when talking to someone especially to their visitors and guests.


Filipinos are known to be “masayahin” as they have these warm and spontaneous smiles that you can see whatever things might happen to them. Through thick and thins, good things and bad things, Filipinos always find a reason to laugh, make jokes and find humors on certain things. Even trending memes are made by filipinos. They have this optimistic attitude towards their lives, that whatever sufferings and problems they might encounter, there is always a solution for that and there is always a good reason for that to happen. Instead, those sufferings and problems are like motivation to them, to do best in their own field of works and to become a better version of themselves. As a UP student, we encounter difficult things such as how to pass our exams despite of the piled up laboratory reports and busy schedules. Getting a 5.0 really scares us that’s why we really do our best when it comes to studying. We never forget to receive our blue books with a smile and a thought that we always keep in our minds that we could do better the next time.

Legarde, Ferlyn Gaven

Tambong, Rizaldo Ian

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