“Filipinos are modest in nature.”

As Filipinos we are known to be humble regarding our good looks, new outfits and even our talents. But we can’t do away with the fact that we love hearing and taking compliments from other people. We Filipinos are known to have keen eyes, we are very observing when there are some changes that take part in the life of our fellow Filipino and if he or she wore something different from his or her usual get up.

Our modesty then is one thing that other people use against us and towards their own advantage. Since they know that we love being praised, they would always say that we look good on this and that. The reason for this is because they know that it will be hard for to decline the favour that they are asking for if they have already hit your soft spot. Your views and opinion towards that person will now change and almost everything he or she will ask you, you will give in. Even though we know that they’re just using us for the mere fact that we have something that they want, we tend to be oblivious. Why? Simply because deep within us we wanted to hear those compliments but since we are too modest, we don’t want to say it ourselves because we also fear being labelled as narcissist.

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