Positive Meme of the Filipino Identity

The citizens of the Philippines, or also called the Filipinos, are known for many things, and two of those many things are being religious and hardworking.

Lord, I need

The first meme is inspired by the Filipinos’ culture of praying to the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, the angels and saints. Filipinos have the practice of always praying, anytime and anywhere, with any reason. Filipinos do such practice to pay respect to the Holy ones, and they also pray when they ask thanks for the blessings, ask for help in the times of need, ask for the forgiveness of sins, and everything else. They are known for being religious and spiritual, and this practice is taught from one generation to another.


Aside from being religious, Filipinos are also hardworking, which inspired this meme. Many of the Filipino people are very hardworking where they reach to the extent of being a risk taker in order to finish the task that are yet to be done. With that being said, at times where things lack, they are able to figure out ways on how to finish the task, even though sometimes it already becomes risky.

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Apid, Jannah Grace

Caparino, Shanine Trishia

Yumang, Sebastienne

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