Positive Memes of Filipino Identity

Filipinos are both known to have a positive and negative attitude that were seen in everyday situations. Even though most people state that our identity as Filipinos are limited because we are colonized and what we have now are Spanish and American influences, Filipinos identity are both rich and diverse for we Filipinos are very traditional people. Filipinos believe in many different kinds of customs and follow lots of various traditions. We, Filipinos create a separate identity from other races around the world and to emphasize two among the attitudes of being a Filipino that we are known, memes were created to represent the loving attitude and the attitude of being a morning person of a Filipino. 


Despite the fact that Filipinos are labeled as always late, however we instill  as a morning person who wakes up early in the morning to do the tasks needed to be accomplished. We woke up early by the rooster crowing sound, not by our alarm clock. The rooster crowing sound is the cue of our daily early morning routine, where our mother prepare our food for our breakfast, our father who reads its daily newspaper and our siblings who are busy preparing to go to school or at work. For us Filipinos, we believe in the saying that ”The early bird catches the worm”. In this case, most of the Filipino culture, customs, and traditions are focused on bringing the people good luck by starting our day right which involves the crowing sound of a rooster. 


In the second meme, we cannot deny the fact that almost all of us have the experience of being in the same situation wherein you are told by your mother to stay outside the supermarket while she goes on shopping and this is related how Filipino kids love and respect their parents because they will wait and show patience whatever happens. We believe that after the long hours of sitting, walking back and forth and having queer eye contacts with strangers outside the supermarket, our mothers will be happy seeing as waiting for their comeback. Having a kind and pure heart to our loved ones is one of the best attitudes Filipinos are known, very strong family ties are the reason why kids grow up with so much patience, care and understanding towards the people that they love, no matter how long or hard it takes.



Shenna Mae Nique

Mauriz Grace M. Palafox

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