The Advancements of Communication and Media in 50 years

by: Hazel Joy Nono and Myla Mae Pahamutang

Communication is one of the primary necessities of humans. Through it, we can obtain knowledge, express thoughts, and build relationships with other people. We, the people of the 21st century are blessed enough to have easier access to communication, however, this kind of privilege can’t be said about our ancestors before.

To communicate in the past was to spend a great deal of effort and money on mediums used to do such activity. However, due to societal developments, people eventually evolved from using non-verbal communication and smoke signals in 1800 BC to a writing system and a basic telecommunication process from 150 BC and 1876 respectively (Doyle, 2017).

Nowadays, communication is faster and easier than before. With the invention of different technologies, people would not even need to leave the comforts of their beds just to send messages. Almost all of the things we need to do can be done through various applications. There are already developed applications for food delivery, banking transactions, dating, books, shows, movies, and even online schools and markets for shopping.

In this kind of phasing and feedback from people, possibly more advanced apps and devices will be invented to provide more convenience.

With these, it is also not far from reality that people wouldn’t even give the effort to go outside to get things done. Print companies will slowly go bankrupt, restaurants, malls, banks, and other institutions will lessen as well because several researches state that people would rather choose the easiest and effortless way to do their day to day activities (Oaklander, 2015).

Indeed, communication is advanced compared to before but we should never let it take the essence of our humanity: to work hard for our goals and experience the different moments of our lives to the fullest with the people we cherish.


(Disclaimer: We do not own any of the photos shown. All credit for these photographs belong to their respective owners.)


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