Consider The Use of Telepathy Device after 50 Years

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by: Julie Ann Claire Nique, Michele Nudque and Mila Claire Nufable

If we are going to travel back in the early time, we can witness the rich and wondrous culture of the ancient people and their creative way of communicating with each other through growls and shouts. (Ong, 2002). And today, our lives are more advanced than before, most especially in interacting and connecting with other people, because of the presence of modern technology. But what would probably happen in the next 50 years, if now, our ways of communicating is already convenient? Will it become more upgraded?

Over the years, as our communication evolved– humans become more eager to know what’s running in someone’s mind and want them to read accurately in an instant to create harmony and order to the society as stated by Ross Buck (as cited in Paul, 2007). Many scientists are conducting experiments and studies regarding mind reading. In 2014, a person from India and France successfully made brain-to-brain communication possible by using the synaptic transmission process and in 2013, an experiment in the University of Washington resulted that brain-to-brain interfacing and transmission of emotions are possible. (Mei, 2015). Stocco (as cited in Mei, 2015) indicated that most innovated technologies over the years existed because of innovations of communication. And by that, after 50 years, a telepathy device will finally come to exist, to convey feelings and messages to anyone in a snap  that can be used anytime, anywhere. There will be no talking, writing, gesturing and typing; rather it will be a direct brain-to-brain connection.

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This prediction may creep us out because the world will never be the same again. It will become silent because everybody will be busy listening to each other’s little voices. But who knows? It may help us know people better and build stronger bonds that will make our world the best place to live in.


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