Communication and Media 50 Years from now: Unlimited Access for Everyone

By: Rachel Race & Thea Faye Ynion

Before modern media and communication arises, people strived to find ways on how to stay connected with each other without instantaneous communication. The use of telegraphs is their means to communicate with long distance people while newspapers are the main source of information for the mass before. During World War II, comics became the source of entertainment for the youth which is also an instrument in providing information and education for both children and adults (Scott, 2011).

Communication and media 50 years from now is hard to predict in this generation where all are good especially in terms of technology. In the situation of media today, where a web of lies became the truth, the virus- like spread and fabrication of fake news is no surprise. Five decades from now, hate culture will continue- people against people- bullying and shaming others behind the screen. On the other side, the improvement of communication and media is an unending process. It will not stop until people will
become contented. The fact that internet connection is a big help, it’s still not enough since it has limitations. Once you’ve used up all your internet data, internet surfing will not be possible. With this scenario, internet connections would become unlimited in the future because of our innovative mind.Programmers designed many apps today including those where we can have news and articles. Since it’s impossible for the future generation not to have mobile phones, it’ll be the source of mass information
which will make the use televisions and radios diminished.

It is our nature to search and made things that will make our lives easier. The continuous expansion of social media today will affect our future and we can’t stop it. Yes, improvement on our society is a must, but we need to know our limitations and responsibilities.

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