CommunicaTURE: A Glimpse of Communication in the Future

Jessamine Kay Palomo & Anaiah Rhima Palomata

Humans have always been curious creatures particularly regarding the things we expect to happen in the future. Our ancestors dreamed before about flying cars, but what they weren’t able to predict was the huge improvement in communication.

Over the past centuries, communication has greatly evolved along with the recent technological advancements (Rufferty, 2017). Primitive methods of communication became advanced and developed through the intervention of writing systems, printing machines and devices that paved way for digital communication.

In the next 50 years, communication is predicted to be superb considering the trends in the communication arena. Future communication will be anchored to revolutionary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots. According to Vaish (2019), chatbots have already developed proper interactivity providing easier handling of queries in massive amounts. Humans may soon have daily conversations with AIs since companies are taking advantage of it for customer service and other labor force.

Furthermore, the existence of Speech Translator applications, although imperfect, are currently being improved and shortly, this advancement will result to elimination of communication language barriers (Dellinger, 2019).

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At this point, it isn’t so far-fetched to dream of sending messages through brain waves. There are studies conducted to make way for this idea. Dr. Pascual-Leone and his colleagues at Starlab Barcelona and Axilum Robotics in France managed to transmit messages from one person to another, via a digital connection between brains (Hooijdonk, 2016).

Through the years, communication has changed and developed abruptly. In the near future what we think that is impossible might happen and the only limit is the human mind. Sure, there may still not be any flying cars but what we should be most excited about are the enormous possibilities in the way we connect to each other.

A casual conversation with a Korean Oppa? Yes, please!


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