by: Leannah Andrea C. Toroy & Riz Arianne M. Santisteban

          From the age of primary oral culture where people use signals for them to converse with each other, up to the age of new media where people use technology to disseminate information, we couldn’t deny the fact that communication changes as time goes by. What communication and media would be like 50 years from now?

Telepathy. [Web Image]. Retrieved from https://www.crystalinks.com/telepathy.html

         In 50 years, we think telepathy will become possible where communication can happen just by reading one’s thoughts. It would be possible without the use of any senses but only with the use of people’s minds (Pillay, 2018). People of this generation are screen dependent which provides a big gap for them to communicate with one another. As years pass by, technology becomes more advanced wherein virtual messages are the only means of communication, and people tend to forget about being close with one another. They will live in a virtual environment and forget how to live in a more realistic environment. Before, if someone wants to see or catch up with a friend, he/she chooses to go to the coffee shop or meet him/her in someplace. But in the future, people will just have a mind link where they could connect with each others’ minds and talk without seeing each other personally.

          There are advantages and disadvantages brought by the advancement and development of technology. Communication will become easier and will not be able to consume a lot of time. On the other hand, this could also cause a lack of physical interaction among people and allowing them to become idle and unproductive.  In conclusion, what may happen in 50 years may be beneficial to us, or otherwise. We just have to be curious, yet still careful because anything is possible. What we have now are the things that seemed impossible in the past. 

Reference: Pillay, S. (2018, April, 22). The Biology of Telepathy [Blog post]. Retrieved from https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/debunking-myths-the-mind/201804/the-biology-telepathy

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