Filipino Identity in Memes

by: Mara Cheriz Arcenal and Keziah Gallo

Negative Filipino traits outweigh positive characteristics in relation to identity. In fact, this meme is Twitter-inspired due to “Toxic Filipino Culture” content. Consequently, it was difficult to find such an example, but being “caring” and “supportive” are decidedly part of the Filipino identity. The first meme is basically an opposite take of the Twitter trend.

This meme reflects the development of identity from a toxic Filipino culture to a more empowering, uplifting and inspiring Filipino mindset. Saying “Sana all” magnifies a more positive and progressive way of thinking in the hope that many will be able to attain the same level of success. Instead of criticizing others for their accolades and eventful experiences by stating “Edi wow”, Filipinos are learning to be more wholesome and supportive of each other. What was once perceived to be toxic culture among Filipinos has brought about character development in terms of statements and perspectives. This shift in mentality in the communal Filipino identity radiates positivity rather than collective negativity. Praising people is better than bringing others down and according to this meme, Filipinos are starting to realize that, and embrace that each of us has its own blessings to be thankful for and believe that our “time” will come.

Photo Courtesy: Ice cream pictures from @AkoSiIbarraWP on twitter and

Another distinct trait of Filipinos is resourcefulness. This meme is inspired from our homes. Filipinos often recycle and reuse ice cream containers to store pork, beef, chicken, fish, etc. I know there are times that kids felt betrayed and disappointed because what they thought as ice cream turned out to be a raw fish. Take note also that it’s not just ice cream containers but every plastic container with lid is reused by Filipinos in their respective homes.

This meme imply that Filipinos have the ability to make use of something that seemed to be useless and improvise things when needed. Our resourcefulness is not limited to only reusing ice cream containers. Filipinos are more than that. Examples are collecting and sewing empty tetra pack juices to make a bag and using recyclable materials in order to make a dress or gown, lanterns, and organizers. These are only the few things that is common to Filipinos.

These two traits are some of the traits that makes us Filipinos and we should be proud with it. Lastly, we should also continue to show it so that our identity will not vanish and will remain through time.

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