By Freden Javelona, Keseiah Joy Tavera, and Trina Villaflor

Meme no. 1: Hospitality

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Filipinos are known for their friendliness, hospitality and strong family values. And so, we have always been very fond of big gatherings such as reunions and fiestas. In such occasions, it would not really matter if you were immediate family or a distant relative; a Filipino household will be more than happy to welcome you in. It has become a courtesy to treat anyone who has even the slightest hint of familial relation to you (or even none) with the same respect and hospitality as you would your immediate family.

Meme no. 2: Dining etiquette

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One of the strongest positive traits Filipinos possess is our strong family values. Ever since we were children, we were taught to always eat meals together at the dining table. First to wash our hands, then to wait for everyone, and last, to pray together before eating. Meal time is treated as a form of bonding in the family so as we eat, stories and the happenings in our daily lives are shared. It is in the mindset of Filipinos that it is merrier to eat with the ones you love, especially with your family.

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