Ma. Luz Villegas

Just like what is written on the meme above, Filipinos would carry you inside their home(figuratively) and you would definitely recieve a five-star accomodation and treatment. You are that special, you would really feel important and loved.

Hospitality is being friendly by providing generous reception and entertainment to visitors and guests.

Oxford Ditionary

Filipino hospitality goes beyond the mediocre way of accommodating guest, may it be foreigners, a long-time-no-see relatives or an acquaintance who just dropped by. If you planned to visit Filipinos and had informed them ahead of the time, they would prepare shiny floors, dust and cobwebs free furniture and of course prepare feast-like foods. If you visit them by surprise, they would practically scold you a little for not telling them, apologize for what you had seen (may it be their house and their appearance and not preparing something), and would rush to the nearest store to buy you something to eat.

To point out, Filipino Hospitality are always going on extra. Never settling for less and overreact on things. They aren’t just being friendly with warm welcomes as you enter the door, it pretty much looked like they are welcoming you to be part of their home and feel the freedom as if it’s your own.

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