Positive Memes About the Filipino Identity

by: Leannah Andrea Toroy & Riz Arianne Santisteban


Every country has its own identity and for us Filipinos, one identity that we embody is being late at all times, the reason for us to have our own “Filipino time”, which is true to every one of us. But despite of this, we are also known for some of our positive traits like us being respectful.

Respect is often observed in us Filipinos. We are taught to say “po” and “opo” since we’re still a child when talking to elders, and we are known to say “mano po” and “bless” to our elders for us to show respect. In this meme, it shows that we, Filipinos embody respect and it runs in our blood. We are born this way and giving respect is always part of our culture and contributes to our nation’s identity.


Filipinos are known for their family oriented trait. We tend to live with our parents even though we have our own families already. Our bond as families is strong and stable that no time can defy.


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