“Thrifty”: A Filipino Identity

by: Era Mae B. Suarez & Macy L. Tagaduar

Many disasters, phenomena, and trials had taught every Filipino to think critically. One of the positive characteristics of Filipino is being thrifty or matipid. It is not only a usual and ordinary personality one Pinoy must have but it is called “diskarte”. It is our own way to overcome poverty and to develop practicality.
According to Abrugar, 2014 “Thriftiness teaches us to be prepared for the next emergency or calamity that will strike us. We become money wise in budgeting and saving money. Some Filipinos can live beyond their means. But on the other side, there are also many Filipinos who are living frugal. We shop wisely to save money for future uses. We are conscious on price tag, discounts, and quality of the products we buy to get most out of our money. Filipino parents also do sacrifices like skipping the stuff they want to buy for themselves just to save their money to buy things that can make their children happy.”

In addition, many Filipinos are sale crazy. We usually get coupons, seat sales, and grabs buy 2 take 1 offers. Often we buy second hand stuffs like ukay-ukay and cell phones. Also, Pinoy are segurista in many things that they will never buy a thing unless they had tried it. For example, they buy food after eating a bunch of free taste. Likewise, we keep an alkansya where serves as bank where we can deposit and withdraw money easily without long transactions. This just proves that Filipinos are wise enough to manage their money in case of unforeseen emergencies that requires it.

Abrugar, V. (2014). 14 Good Filipino Habits that Make the Philippines a Great Country. Retrieved from https://faq.ph/good-filipino-habits-that-make-the-philippines-a-great-country/


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