Working with Resilience

By Maria Divina Tabasin and Jullienne Rose Tambirao

Filipinos always have a strong work ethic (jujanester, 2016) which could be attributed to their resilience. They could stand against adversities and smile despite what they are going through. Filipino workers are doing their job to the best that they can regardless of the hardships that they encounter.

The above picture of a man colored in black and white shades with a signage of help on the right side represents other people who are experiencing loneliness, emptiness, and other negative perspectives in life as he struggles to live. While the lower part which is Filipinos kneeling, praying, thanking the Above for His blessings, and other personal intentions that might include for asking right decisions in life.

There are some things we cannot predict or wish to happen in our daily life just like the calamities, and things that we might have a physical control yet we can’t oppose fate and destiny to take us to the road where we are meant to be while teaching us lessons in life.

In regards to the rising cases of suicide, depression, and other emotional and mental states, as a Filipino, we should keep in our mind our trait of having a strong faith in God. This also explains our resiliency in facing whatever situation we are dealing and will be encountering. We shouldn’t seclude ourselves in a space where we can’t voice out our bottled up emotions. We sought to our support system. And if it is still not working, we should never forget the Almighty Above for He will guide us to the right path, a clearer view to the right path.

Among the most hardworking people, farmers are closely and might already be on the top of the list. During the recent issue regarding the Rice Tariffication Law, farmers proved their strong work ethic despite the lack of government support. Our farmers were and are still able to feed a significant number of our countrymen. Even though their earnings are little, they still work hard and honest unlike most undeserving “servants” of this country.

The farmer meme reflects on how hard farming is and how much our farmers suffer. But more than that, it tells us how noble and how honest the work is because a crop doesn’t grow when it isn’t tended. It requires time and effort that could only be seen in their results.

These memes might have been used for fun, but one could not deny the fact that information are still being disseminated. Messages of such memes are vital for they bring about enlightenment to the masses that they reach.


jujanester. (2016, June 9). Pinoy Life: 8 Classic Filipino Traits and Characteristics [Blog post]. Retrieved from

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