How to be Pinoy

By Prima Stephaney Nadate and Hannah Jane Parreñas

Singing the national anthem, patronizing what’s ours and valuing our culture and identity as Filipinos. These are just some of the many manifestations of our national pride as Filipinos. But the most noticeable and fore standing way of how we Filipinos take pride in our identity is that we stand proud for every achievements of our fellow countrymen no matter how small the Filipino blood is flowing through their veins. We still feel the same amount of joy and pride for their achievements same as to any other Filipino. Usually, our ears and eyes twitch when hearing or seeing our fellow Filipinos achieve something great such as winning in contests, especially on an international level. Knowing about their achievements make us so happy and gratified, all the more when we hear about the positive comments or praises that they receive from other people.

The instances of facing mishaps are inescapable. As Philippines is one of the countries considered to be vulnerable to a number of calamities and the citizens remain to be below the poverty line, still, Filipinos continue to stand strong and never falter. This is what defines the Filipino spirit, the inspiration for this meme. We, Filipinos always keep a positive outlook on everything. Even in the state of despair and in the face of heart-rending problems, we always find a way to channel it into something to be thankful for in order to remain positive and to lift up our spirit as well as those of other people around us. We continue to smile amidst the catastrophes we are facing. With this, we can say that not even the strongest typhoon nor earthquake can break the Filipino spirit.

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