labels LANG na

70DAF4E4-BA30-4F0D-8929-AE65D3F7E797At times, it is disheartening to see or observe how people put too much pressure on themselves based solely on the labels that society may have imposed upon them. Yes, this is a bold claim from my end knowing how I have experienced it way back when I was a child – “ay To, third ka lang?”, “hindi gid ikaw gali maalam kay nag number three lang ikaw”. The mediocrity that emanates from these statements coming from my relatives makes me question myself – I will never be good for everyone am I?

Then came college, when getting a score of 60 over 100 is more of a relief than a burden. That was freshman year, then by sophomore, I started to realize, there is more to life here in the university than just burying my self in books and photocopied readings. But wait, I chanced upon mediocrity when, in one of the usual family gatherings, I was asked, “kabudlay sang UP no?”, “pabay-e sila na a, anhon mo na kay amo lang na masarangan mo.” Since then, it was a nonstop grind for me to balance my acads and org work – simply to prove a point, I will never accept mediocrity in my life – AGAIN.


It was an uphill climb as I find my self in a pressure cooker from junior to senior high – there is no other end goal but to finish my university life with latin honors. Did I ever get what I wanted? NO. It was a huge slap of realization as a wave of regret struck me – why did I ever pushed my self too hard to the point that I shoved my self to well – NOTHINGNESS. It was not worth it, I tell you.

And, as I look back, from this day to the day that I cried non stop for more than 5 hours after being told that the latin honors will never be for me – I realized, I molded myself out of a label that I cannot conform. In fact, it is not a question of conformity, but an issue of REALNESS – is it the real me or it was someone else who made me so obsessed with the label that success is equivalent to latin honors – something which, at the onset, was not me.

In today’s label climate, while for some, labels are becoming the norm, but, I strongly believe that the realness of the persona is what matters most. Inclusivity speaking – WE simply cannot allow every label ascribed to us to get in our way of molding our selves into a person that truly, innately believe as – WHO WE ARE.


  • Jude Vincent E. Parcon

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