A Run for the Future

               Do you remember how many years it has been since you started voting? Do you still recall the promises made by those candidates who were begging for your votes? For many years we, Filipinos, have been used to the chaotic and misleading platforms of these aspiring government officials. We became used to electing the same person to lead us which blinds us the reality. But, today is the time for us to change our actions and act for our future and the future of the next generations, our children, grandchildren and our loved ones. We Filipinos need to stand and fight not only for our rights, but also for our children, the younger generation. We don’t want them to live in a society governed by greedy officials. We have the power to change the future. We can help each other by exercising our right to vote wisely for deserving public officials.  

We all share the same sentiment regarding this matter because I, you, us, the citizens of the Philippines want what’s best for this country and for our children to live in place where there is harmony and peace. I have observed and experienced myself the things you wanted to voice out. All together, we will lead a government where the whispers of the marginalized and less privileged sectors of the society will be heard and the advocacies of the government will benefit both the economy and its people. A country that allows personal growth and improvement of its people towards a more empowered establishment that would bring great changes in our economy, society and nature. The choice originates from the moment we shade our ballots. We can’t keep repeating the same mistake as yesterday. We are vigilant and educated citizens. We have the power if we will, and I know we can.





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