Artificial Intelligence; Better or Worst?

Communication and Media in 50 years

Ma. Luz Villegas, Nancy Sandig

A cliche statement would say, “There’s nothing constant in this world except change”.

A point with loop holes and possibilities on it, what change? A step for better or for worse? We’re living now in a global village where gathering and disseminating of information factual or either way depend in just a flick of a finger.

At present, personal connections, elitists, politicians and threats of fabrications rotten the credibility of information, and media avenues. What more after five decades? Let’s pave backwards, to those times where media and communication were unconventional and requires time under a simple letter courier – telegram. Early radios and television covers only small scale of population. Information before travels in every corner of the world in a span of weeks or months.

It is way far from today, where internet signals are ubiquitous. The media avenues are escalating and the virtual world for communication are getting more active compared to past years. It is a big no when l say that media convergence has no benefits.

After 5 decades, media will be ran by artificial intelligences and communication through super modern technologies, talking to a real-time holograms and internet connection of  1000 mbps. Disseminating of information will be faster but face to face conversation and social gatherings will drop real low.

Picture on the left:–iakc2yo6a2

Picture on the right:

Technology will make everything easier and faster. We can’t stop humans from discovering things that pushes life to its tipping point but also, we should not be contented on looking back and live on the discoveries of yesterday. but it is our responsibility to learn disconnecting virtually and strengthen bonds in reality. 

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