What will communication be 50 years from now?

by: Joshua Pionelo & Rica Mae Quidato

Through the years, communication has evolved significantly. The whole system of communication has been revamped tremendously through the incorporation of technology. The way we communicate is entirely different from ancient times. Previously, conveying is constrained to relational collaboration – individual to individual. Until it advanced to alphabets, signs and images, letters, and phone. Today, the Internet era has paved the way to innumerable means of communication.

Innovation has in fact reclassified correspondence. Individuals never again need to hang tight for quite a long time, months, weeks, and days to get data or message. Today, writings, messages, tweets, and individual messages can arrive at the beneficiary in merely a question of seconds.

telepathic communication. [Online image].  Retrieved August 28, 2019 from http://operationmeditation.com/discover/telepathic-communication-nine-questions-answered/

In the distant future, we may be able to communicate by sending our thoughts through a network directly into someone else’s brain (Strickland, 2010). Bio implants or technologies embedded in our body for communication might become also a reality in the future for bio-implants have been used for indicators for our body in the medical field (Teshome and Kibret, 2018).

digital age face – to – face communication. [Online image].  Retrieved August 24, 2019 from https://blog.ferrovial.com/en/2017/02/disappearance-of-face-to-face-conversation/

Unfortunately, the advancement of communication through the assistance of technology is not all rainbow and sunshine. Along with the innovation of long-distance communication is the pervasive shyness that developed within us. “Technology has made us shy away from face to face conversation” and this has extremely negative consequences, because “conversation is the basis of democracy and business, it supports empathy and is essential for friendship, love, learning, and productivity” (Salgado, 2017).

In no time, everything around us will be changed dramatically and these changes will be unnoticeable. We will just be realizing it one day that though the way we live our lives every day has become easier, the time we spend on new technology and social media is immensely increasing thus creating less time for real-life interactions (Eastman, 2013). As these kinds of lifestyle will grow, verbal and face to face communication will be nearly forgotten and become a mere trend in the past.


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