Drone: The Future of Communication

Jv James Ramos, Christopher John Ovas, Joshpeare Icon L. Roquero

Thousands of years ago, the birth of communication occurred, it started as an activity of sending responses through actions, objects and sounds. Photo alphabets and pictographs were used after them as early as 60, 000 years ago (R. Munoz,2018, Evolution of Communication), and then, inspired to those, humans were able to established a system of writing like the Sanskrit of Sumerian civilization. In following years, from the invention of printing press to the making of social media, there had been exponential growth in communication because of the discovery and intervention of technology to the humanity. Who expected from the past, that we can exchange messages by the help of internet? Indeed, change is constant as well as progress.

Presently, there is a trend of using drone for taking aerial shots and the existence of holographic projection was not publicized, but what if in the future we can use them to improve our means of communication. We can invent micro drones with holographic features, which we can just send our messages to our long distant members of our family or friends, by writing his name on the air and let the drone find him/her and deliver the recorded message through holographic projection in a minute. It would be an interactive and realistic form of communication isn’t it?

Lastly, as quoted by unknown, “imagination is the beginning of creation”.  Hence, all these innovations started as a dream of an ordinary person. Even on our communication because of the imagination and creativity, we were able to shift from orally expressed ways to multiple ways. Never stop thinking things outside of the box.

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