A Call for Hope for a Spark of Change

by: Era Mae B. Suarez & Macy L. Tagaduar

A pleasant day to all! This is Ermac Tagarez, Filipino at heart, blood, and mind. My fellow Filipinos, there is neither NPA Philippines nor Philippines as province of China but this is Republic of the Philippines. We are standing on an open sea and worshipping an awesome God. We need a public servant who’s not just good in the façade, but a deep- rooted individual determined to strive for change.

All of us are one, we are one. We are the Republic of the Philippines. As one, we are marching towards the path of change, a better tomorrow. A life with no hate for the people in areas that they think as illegal settlers. Yours truly was once a kid running around the most difficult parts of the suburbs, and when people from the high classes look down on us, it’s just too heartbreaking. This is one of the many dreams I aim to achieve, that no kid would be forced to live the miserable life in the slums.

In the end, that is what the election is all about. Do we participate in a politics of hope? It’s the hope of every marginalized people, the slaves, and the poor. The hope of OFW setting out outside the border to sustain life. The hope of every young generation to live in a wide-ranged environment. The hope of the million workers to increase their wages. The hope of the fisher folks and farmers on the equity of treatment in the society. The hope for chubby kids with funny name that there is still a place for them too here in the Philippines. It’s a hope that everyone has a place here too. Hope! Hope! In the middle of everything. Once again, this is Ermac Tagarez, at your service. Thank you!