Inalienable Filipino Identity

by: Joshpeare Icon Roquero, Christopher John Ovas and JV James Ramos

Photo Courtesy: Synapse

Philippines is archipelagic country with 7646 islands. We belong to different regions and localities diversifying our language with our mother tongue. As Filipinos we are not afraid to show our true identity that we naturally bring everywhere we go in this case it would be our accent in the way we speak.

This meme tells us that we as Filipinos have unique identity that is fascinating and interesting on its own. In the way we speak or the way we act we inject our roots it could speaking English in “kinamatis” way or the thick crunchy accent of karay-a people.

Photo Courtesy: Synapse

As Filipinos we are known for our worldwide affiliations it could either be working abroad for our families to whom we termed as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) or travelling as tourists to roam other foreign lands. We always seek for our “kababayans” and finding one would feel like home with exaggerated emotions we would come and embrace them like long lost family members.

This meme show cases that we Filipinos in order to lessen our homesickness or to survive in foreign lands we seek for companions and treat them like our siblings. Through unity we alleviate each others sadness and problems because together we bring a piece of our mother land closer to our hearts even if we are thousands of miles away from it.

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