MEDIA in its Classical Metamorphism

COMM10 Infographic


Donovan Aguilos

Annjie Gancita

April Magbanua

Marvin John Saijo

Erika Xim Paola Santos

“I believe that all roads lead to the same place – and that is wherever all roads lead to.” ~Willie Nelson

The road to 80s was a hotspot of classical metamorphism where revolution of media created a huge impact on the lives of the people. The transition highlighted revolutions on television, audio recording systems, broadcast and email systems, internet and computers. Black and white televisions revolutionized to colored and cable-linked TVs. Video cassette recorder emerged until it was materialized to CDs. Due to developments in televisions and audio systems, CNN and MTV were brought and mainly appreciated by the masses. Moreover, email system was introduced and integrated to enhance online networking.  Internet connection was also strengthened through the use of fiber-optic cables. Computers progressed from bulky desktops to convenient laptops along with the introduction of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows.

This evolution from traditional to digital media emphasized efficiency and efficacy in terms of communication, distribution and understanding. The wave of change created noticeable positive impact on people’s way of living and greatly improved the entertainment aspect and communication cycle.

What will happen to media and communication after 50 years?

Probably, due to constant integration the road of media evolution will constantly grow and improve. Holographs and touch screens will dominate visual media and devices will be made portable and extra convenient. Moreover, technology will greatly change people’s way of living from ordinary to internet of things. Also, information dissemination will reach everything from remote places to communities across the globe. With the potential of the future generation, these roads may pave the way to greater media milestones.

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