The Digital Age: The Fast Pacing Evolution

by Glannery Brasileno, Mark Angelo Estil, Jessah Jen Garbino, Reyban Sabordo, Samantha Villacorta, and Kyla Villanueva

Media convergence has become an important pill to swallow in the everyday life of many people. With the development of technology in different fields and operations, people have had both a better choice of media and a life where these technologies made life easier. Media convergence drastically changes our lives in many ways. We have the internet that allows us to search everything at one click so people can do their business much more effectively. Social network applications on phones help us stay connected and updated with our family and colleagues. Playing video games can allow us to connect with people playing the same game in different countries which brought virtual and global interaction . It is clearly evident in our daily lives that media convergence made a huge impact on our society especially if we go to the negative side of the spectrum. People are addicted to checking their e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. This addictive behavior molded the way of their life wherein users cannot be able to function well without some sort of these technologies. Nevertheless, there are still advantages in which media convergence contributed immensely to the growth and development of our

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