Medium of Tomorrow

“The more connected we get, the more convenient life would be.”

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         Communication is the medium for imparting thoughts, expressions, and information through words, signs, and gestures. Through communication, people are connected which enables them to influence one’s ideas, beliefs, and help build social relationships. Orality is the earliest form of communication then followed by writing on the paper, the invention of machines then leads to the printing industry. Few decades after is the dynamic innovation where computers, the internet, and gadgets are in trend. The emergence of modern technology will lead to the introduction of augmented reality. In an augmented-reality system, you view the world through a technological overlay (Strickland, 2010). People will have lesser interpersonal interaction for they will rely on their smartphones that can already access everything. For example in a workplace, meetings are usually held in a conference room but with the aid of augmented-reality system, they can have it anywhere. Also, language barriers will be long gone because the messages we input in our gadgets are transcribed in our preferred language. Man is pro-active in nature, they continually seek more knowledge that would make life easier and faster. Thus, they create new and improve technological advances that result in products of technology for convenience. Humans are fond of multi-tasking in order to perform different roles at home, in the community and or in their jobs which requires time management and luckily technology fulfill their responsibilities as efficiently as possible.



Article by: Alar and Balad-on


Strickland, J. (2010, April 12). What is the future of communication? Retrieved February 20, 2019, from

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