by: Arianne H. Pagador and Hazel Mae J. Pagal

Philosopher M. Mamardashvili once said that as a new generation emerge, a new culture also appear, but this time, with progression; wherein the one that already existed was not forgotten but brought to the present (Kirillova, 2016). The same as the force for development that we are using. It is the force that came from history which we are utilizing as a basis for the culture that we are building (Kirillova, 2016).






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The flow chart shows the progression of the media technologies. It is considered as progression because from the very beginning and at the end of it, is the combination of all; where still the text, sound, graphics, and images are still present that existed along the way.

In the 21st century the information circulates through the “Internet Galaxy” (Kirillova, 2016). Published information, printed texts, recorded films, music, videos, and even communication involves the connection of internet. It is without question that we are on the process of improving the capabilities of the internet – its accessibility, its full extent in making life easier, more realistic in a way that the virtual body can somehow be the same as the actual in terms of communicating. Furthermore, in terms of the devices used,  the things that “the most you can bring but the least you need to carry”.

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Technologies are not that predictable, but, as well as the minds of humans. They are as imaginative as ever, like on what we have seen in movies,science-fiction to be exact. It is possible that fifty years from now, Iron man will also exist in real life. The process on how Tony stark survive, all holographic techniques he made, robotics, and maybe more; not just the ideas from movie, but even more.

Fifty years from now, we still hope that the internet, technology, and all the improvement of all the means of communication would make us understand clearer that we must not just save ourselves from things that may hinder us from easier life, but also from the possibility that the improvement we continue to desire will end our lives.



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Evolving Through Time

mediaBy Ferlyn Legarde and Rizaldo Ian Tambong

Since the very beginning, oral communication is an essentiality among men with the primary intent of having the ability to communicate with others. By this, oral communication had become a fundamental structure in developing another form of communication which is literature.

For the sake of preservation and retention of information, oral culture developed and emerged into a written culture which promotes longevity and permanence. The writings on cave walls, papers made from leaves, clay tablets and on stones are concrete evidences that written communication were already been used and existed ages from now. However, as time goes by printed media such as newspapers, catalogue and many more, have been in away neglected because of the conveniences that the world provides man today, wherein man can read and gain information by the tip of their fingers by just opening one’s phone with no hassle and too much effort. By the presence of industrialization and the emergence of technology, information is now easily and accessibly transferred from one person to another.  Recently, man have witnessed the birth of the internet which greatly influences the flow of communication and the mass. In line with this, social media also offers man the ability to start a conversation in just a series of tapping on smartphones and computers.

Media has evolved and is still continuously evolving into something that man cannot really predict. Years from now, one could never foresee what could be created and formed out of the communication that man possesses at the present. Thus, the continuous changes undergone by communication and media simply displays its importance in the society and in the lives of every individual.  As an essential element of being rational it will continue to become more revolutionary and influential in the society together with the advancement of modern technology.