Change remains permanent

Long before today’s modern technology existed, everything was more dependent on the resource people had in hand as their means of communication. Digging deep to what the past had to offer, the following are top three of how people communicate in the past according to Kailun Zhang.

Number one is the use of Smoke signals, this was done by the indigenous tribes in the 1500s.

smoke signalsRetrieved from:

Number two is the Pigeon post used by the Romans 2,000 years ago.

pigeon post.jpg             Retrieved from:

Number 3 is the Snail mail from 255 B.C.

snail mail.jpgRetrieved from: im68598/?fbclid=IwAR1jUtavg9daTMj- HpGrzAUoC9QD4TNnNLsLyBbJVYjVD5N6sGT78xR6Wk

In relation to prediction of what communication and media will be like in the next 50 years, the possibilities are endless. Looking back to what has happened in the past, people make strategic ways to communicate to those who are close and far from them and as a result, computers and touch screen cellphones are invented to make people’s lives easier. In the upcoming years, technological advancement will increase to what is expected because this is also an aftermath of the fast-paced growth of improvement and technology. The technology of communication evolves at a blistering pace. This is why predictions will not be far from its possibility of happening because the human mind and idea extends to the thinking of what can cope up to the recent situation of society.

In conclusion communication and media will continue to progress and develop over the years with better details and composition than before in the reason that the human thinking does not stay stagnant on the now but goes beyond the limits of trying something new. There might be difficulties in reaching the desired standard given that a high one is already set by today’s modern inventions but the provision of these advancements will not be limited to the norm only but will strive for something greater.





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