Comm 2.0

by: Khrisna B. Artuz & Merry Beatrice V. Sanchez

          53492900_2567510843319971_7670047460139466752_nMedia and communication, both entirely distinctive concepts, both rooted in each others needs. Media in a sense greatly influences communication, communication on the other hand is the basis for maximization of media usage. In this era where technology has dominated all of human race the innovation concerning media and consequently communication is greatly recognized. From ones bulky phones and computers to sleek and automated ones, from hours of mail travel to an instant reply by the web, from long tiresome paragraphs to brief and concise GIFs and emojis. The thing is our ways have truly evolved with time and that people have become accustomed to the ways of this 21st century technological world.

52651130_402105003674826_2005612722070224896_nChange is inevitable. We are all witnesses to this ever-changing world we live in. Way way back, communication was all about sounds that does not even have an actual meaning. It was all about symbolisms, that if you rode a time machine right now and go back to those times, maybe you’ll be laughing your ass off seeing how those people communicate. If you try talking to those people you might even scare them off because the way you talk would be different from what they’re used to, so it will only result to misunderstandings. The thing is, it is innate in us humans to be able to interact, it is human nature to try and develop relationships with the use of cues most especially communicative ones. 53308971_371939670306451_7150027444303429632_nIn a deeper sense, in the times of our grandfathers and mothers media was almost non-existent yet and communication was truly wholesome at some point. Wholesome in a sense that lies were easier to spot since the interaction would always be face to face. Love was also conveyed with great effort, in their ability to write letters which deeply reaches the soul and in the way a boy serenades his love. We can say that the concept of love back then in the sense of communication and media was much more heartfelt and pure.

52948735_302856983711345_61590058657906688_nIn today’s generation, liars, cheats, and those who take advantage of others are widely spread across the web. To love nowadays does not require that much effort. The sincerity of all things has been affected with the rise of advanced media and communication tools. A once very special occasion can be corrupted by the eyes of those that govern the internet. So, maybe in 50 years or so this trend of rapid change might still go on. Maybe, one will not need to travel far away to attend an important meeting or for his/her presence to be recognized. Realistic holograms may do the job a couple of years from now. Some hi-tech machines may not be shrouded in high end facilities, it may be within our reach or even in the snap of our fingers. The thing with technology is that you’ll never know what will come forth, engineers and scientists or even us students, who’s privileged enough to access quality education, could create such programs that may enable us to communicate much better than how we do at the moment. We can never tell how and when but let us expect more because our needs are growing continuously and with these needs arise greater innovation and inventions.

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