Ever since the early ages, communication has always had a vital role. We use this to pass information to our subordinates and through this, the flow of knowledge and forms of relationships between people are facilitated.

As we turn back the clock, we can see the huge difference between our methods of communicating before and now. In the 1500’s, tribes started using smoke signals to convey special messages to others. 2000 years later, Romans used the “Pigeon Post” to pass on letters to people from distant places using trained pigeons. During 255 B.C., snail mail was the best form of communication. To the creation of print media up until now, with the advanced technology we have, our mediums of communication have drastically improved.

Predicting what communication and media would look like 50 years from now, we can assume the continuous innovation of our tools would make our lives easier. We have always made efforts to shatter the barriers that hold better communication back. As said by Routledge (2016), ” When a communication medium changes, our practices and experiences of communication also change”. With the invention of touchscreen phones capable of face-to-face interaction, a distant yet well process of communication is achieved. The face-paced growth of technology enables us to have a better experience and process when communicating. With that said, existence of holographic communication and virtual-reality centric methods are possible.

There is no stopping this progress for communication and media. As humans continuously gain more knowledge, more innovation is done to transcend the limits we have. There might be barriers along the way, but humans thirst for improvement will not limit them in achieving the advancements. The thing left now is how we take care of the responsibility of using them for the greater good of the community.


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