Working with Resilience

By Maria Divina Tabasin and Jullienne Rose Tambirao

Filipinos always have a strong work ethic (jujanester, 2016) which could be attributed to their resilience. They could stand against adversities and smile despite what they are going through. Filipino workers are doing their job to the best that they can regardless of the hardships that they encounter.

The above picture of a man colored in black and white shades with a signage of help on the right side represents other people who are experiencing loneliness, emptiness, and other negative perspectives in life as he struggles to live. While the lower part which is Filipinos kneeling, praying, thanking the Above for His blessings, and other personal intentions that might include for asking right decisions in life.

There are some things we cannot predict or wish to happen in our daily life just like the calamities, and things that we might have a physical control yet we can’t oppose fate and destiny to take us to the road where we are meant to be while teaching us lessons in life.

In regards to the rising cases of suicide, depression, and other emotional and mental states, as a Filipino, we should keep in our mind our trait of having a strong faith in God. This also explains our resiliency in facing whatever situation we are dealing and will be encountering. We shouldn’t seclude ourselves in a space where we can’t voice out our bottled up emotions. We sought to our support system. And if it is still not working, we should never forget the Almighty Above for He will guide us to the right path, a clearer view to the right path.

Among the most hardworking people, farmers are closely and might already be on the top of the list. During the recent issue regarding the Rice Tariffication Law, farmers proved their strong work ethic despite the lack of government support. Our farmers were and are still able to feed a significant number of our countrymen. Even though their earnings are little, they still work hard and honest unlike most undeserving “servants” of this country.

The farmer meme reflects on how hard farming is and how much our farmers suffer. But more than that, it tells us how noble and how honest the work is because a crop doesn’t grow when it isn’t tended. It requires time and effort that could only be seen in their results.

These memes might have been used for fun, but one could not deny the fact that information are still being disseminated. Messages of such memes are vital for they bring about enlightenment to the masses that they reach.


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Filipino Identity in Memes

by: Mara Cheriz Arcenal and Keziah Gallo

Negative Filipino traits outweigh positive characteristics in relation to identity. In fact, this meme is Twitter-inspired due to “Toxic Filipino Culture” content. Consequently, it was difficult to find such an example, but being “caring” and “supportive” are decidedly part of the Filipino identity. The first meme is basically an opposite take of the Twitter trend.

This meme reflects the development of identity from a toxic Filipino culture to a more empowering, uplifting and inspiring Filipino mindset. Saying “Sana all” magnifies a more positive and progressive way of thinking in the hope that many will be able to attain the same level of success. Instead of criticizing others for their accolades and eventful experiences by stating “Edi wow”, Filipinos are learning to be more wholesome and supportive of each other. What was once perceived to be toxic culture among Filipinos has brought about character development in terms of statements and perspectives. This shift in mentality in the communal Filipino identity radiates positivity rather than collective negativity. Praising people is better than bringing others down and according to this meme, Filipinos are starting to realize that, and embrace that each of us has its own blessings to be thankful for and believe that our “time” will come.

Photo Courtesy: Ice cream pictures from @AkoSiIbarraWP on twitter and

Another distinct trait of Filipinos is resourcefulness. This meme is inspired from our homes. Filipinos often recycle and reuse ice cream containers to store pork, beef, chicken, fish, etc. I know there are times that kids felt betrayed and disappointed because what they thought as ice cream turned out to be a raw fish. Take note also that it’s not just ice cream containers but every plastic container with lid is reused by Filipinos in their respective homes.

This meme imply that Filipinos have the ability to make use of something that seemed to be useless and improvise things when needed. Our resourcefulness is not limited to only reusing ice cream containers. Filipinos are more than that. Examples are collecting and sewing empty tetra pack juices to make a bag and using recyclable materials in order to make a dress or gown, lanterns, and organizers. These are only the few things that is common to Filipinos.

These two traits are some of the traits that makes us Filipinos and we should be proud with it. Lastly, we should also continue to show it so that our identity will not vanish and will remain through time.

Positive Memes About the Filipino Identity

by: Leannah Andrea Toroy & Riz Arianne Santisteban


Every country has its own identity and for us Filipinos, one identity that we embody is being late at all times, the reason for us to have our own “Filipino time”, which is true to every one of us. But despite of this, we are also known for some of our positive traits like us being respectful.

Respect is often observed in us Filipinos. We are taught to say “po” and “opo” since we’re still a child when talking to elders, and we are known to say “mano po” and “bless” to our elders for us to show respect. In this meme, it shows that we, Filipinos embody respect and it runs in our blood. We are born this way and giving respect is always part of our culture and contributes to our nation’s identity.


Filipinos are known for their family oriented trait. We tend to live with our parents even though we have our own families already. Our bond as families is strong and stable that no time can defy.

Inalienable Filipino Identity

by: Joshpeare Icon Roquero, Christopher John Ovas and JV James Ramos

Photo Courtesy: Synapse

Philippines is archipelagic country with 7646 islands. We belong to different regions and localities diversifying our language with our mother tongue. As Filipinos we are not afraid to show our true identity that we naturally bring everywhere we go in this case it would be our accent in the way we speak.

This meme tells us that we as Filipinos have unique identity that is fascinating and interesting on its own. In the way we speak or the way we act we inject our roots it could speaking English in “kinamatis” way or the thick crunchy accent of karay-a people.

Photo Courtesy: Synapse

As Filipinos we are known for our worldwide affiliations it could either be working abroad for our families to whom we termed as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) or travelling as tourists to roam other foreign lands. We always seek for our “kababayans” and finding one would feel like home with exaggerated emotions we would come and embrace them like long lost family members.

This meme show cases that we Filipinos in order to lessen our homesickness or to survive in foreign lands we seek for companions and treat them like our siblings. Through unity we alleviate each others sadness and problems because together we bring a piece of our mother land closer to our hearts even if we are thousands of miles away from it.

Filipino Everyday Memes

Joshua Pionelo & Rica Mae Quidatu

Filipinos are known for its wide – array of stereotypes worldwide. Phrases like “Pilipino ka kung” followed by some kind of trait or behavior innate only to us Filipinos have been used not only by the younger generations but as well as the older ones to identify ourselves from other countries and to show how Filipino one can be.

The memes above depict one significant trait innate to us Filipinos, which is being generous or just too embarrassed to get the last bite or piece of the food. We find this trait amusing in every gatherings since we experienced this firsthand and every time this behavior arises, one of our friends or family members will immediately blurt out the phrase “Pilipino gid ah”, and we will just laugh it out until someone is brave enough to get the last piece. This behavior might seem to be random and a coincidence but if we look closely how generous Filipinos are, especially within a family, we will understand the reason, if not entirely, behind this behavior.

Mothers or nanays are really generous that, most of the time, they leave the last piece of the food to their children. This behavior can also be seen within group of friends if no one does not immediately consume all of the food. If there is a piece that is left of the food, whether it is on the table of not, there is some kind of silent agreement that is happening between the group that the last piece will go to someone other than yourself and say “Sa inyo na lang yan or Inyo nalang na ah”. Until the last piece has been eaten or someone will volunteer who gets the last piece, the situation will not stop and everyone will be stock in an endless loop.

No matter how you look at it, whether it is out of embarrassment or respect to the other person, the behavior presented by the memes show how generous we Filipinos are even just in the simple little things we do for our friends and family.

This meme is inspired by the trait of the Filipinos being family oriented and love for the elders. It is already one distinguishable trait of the Filipinos that even if we have our own respective families, we do not want to leave our aging mother to any institution to be taken care by others. We have this sense of responsibility for our parents. It is not anything big for us to care for them for it is already a trait born within us. It is in our culture. Others of different culture may think that we have now our own family and it is just right to separate with our parent. But us Filipinos have different culture. This trait implies the love we have for our parents and even to our grand parents. They have loved us dearly when we are able to do nothing up to the point we are able to do everything, so we have this “utang na loob” which we look for some ways to repay their good deeds to us. It also implies that we can always look back to where we came from.

Filipino Identity Through Memes

By: Dollyn Joy Salmoro & Mary Clarisse Surmion

In every places or country, there are things that make them unique and identifiable. Here in the Philippines, we Filipinos are popularly known for a lot of things. Some are negative but there are also positive just like what the memes that we have prepared, that shows being hospitable and having a strong family ties.

We, Filipinos are said to be hospitable. Almost every foreign tourist agrees to this trademark. Hospitality is a value that was practiced hundreds of years ago. Some examples that showed hospitality are showing great gratitude if there was a visitor. When someone came in our houses, we would warmly welcome them, let them sit, and prepare a delicious snacks and drinks, a special food will be served right away. One funny thing about that is when we have a visitor at home, our mothers would probably serve the food using new plates, new spoon and fork, and glass. Filipinos would not let a visitor go with an empty stomach. We would even give takeout food for them. Filipinos will make sure that the visitors had a great time.

Another trademark of a Filipino was having a strong family ties. You’ll see that we have a special bonding like no other. We have our extended families, our grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins, together in one roof. We go to church and pray together, Sundays are reserved for family day where we can eat and talk. Every occasion, everyone was invited and we would probably have overnights, bond all night long and sleep together in one crowded room. We are fond of having reunions almost every year. We Filipinos value our family so much even though we have conflict with each other. These two traits are just some of the positive value of the Filipinos that can be our great identity.

These traits or identity shows what we are as Filipinos. We should be proud of it and with heads up high present or show it to the world.

Recognizing Filipino Identity through Memes

by: Mila Claire Nufable, Michele Nudque, Julie Ann Claire Nique

The hundreds of years of colonization in the Philippines yields to a country where different cultures, beliefs, qualities, and identities exist in one place. Despite the influences caused by the colonizers, we Filipinos still have the unique identities that set us apart from the others. One of the traits of Filipinos is the love of memes, and through it, we can show our positive identities.

Smile: The Curve of Hope

Filipinos are labeled to be happy-go-lucky people. Our smiles are brighter than the sun and our energies seem to not be going down. We tend to show everyone how positive and joyful we are in our life.

Displaying happiness in front of people not just in the best moments of our lives but also during the worst point of it is very natural to us Filipinos. We still managed to smile and laugh after being devastated by various calamities, failing an exam or job interview, being injured and losing a game. This is not because we are happy that these situations happened to us but it is because this is the only way to show that we can still cope up and fight again for life. Despite all the odds and problems in our lives, we Filipinos remain to be positive about it. We can always see lights even in the darkest episode of our lives. We smile because there is hope inside of us, that at the end of the day we will be alright and will stand up again.

Hospitality: The Love that Makes You Feel at Home

Hospitality is probably one of the trademarks of being a true-blooded Filipino. Our kindness and fun company can draw many people’s hearts. Foreigners would always come back here in the Philippines not just because of the astonishing places and appetizing food we have but because of how we warmly welcome and treat them. We allow both our local and foreign visitors to feel very comfortable as if they are at home.

We Filipinos tend to give our very best to impress our guests, may they are close in our hearts or not. There are so many preparations done before and upon the arrival of our visitors. Our homes would unexpectedly be in its cleanest state and decorated with attractive ornaments. New kinds of stuff that we have never seen and utilized inside the house will be brought into use such as utensils, bedding, clothes, and many more. A variety of mouth-watering meals cooked from high-quality and expensive ingredients that we seldom and never had would be served in our tables. We will spend a lot of money and effort until nothing is left to us, ensuring that our visitors will leave satisfied and happy. Seeing our guests satisfied with the accommodation we rendered to them gives us a sense of fulfillment.

Overall, let us foster our rich and fascinating culture and continue to show the world how amazing we are. Let us be proud of our identities because these are the things that identify us as a real Filipino.

Off the Crossroads

by Colleen Calizo, Matthew Palabrica, Angeline Tupas

Good morning, Philippines! This is (insert name) and I am standing in front of you today, ready to be your next president! Today, we stand at a crossroads. Do we stay in this state of corruption, poverty, and economic turmoil at the hands of foreign powers? Or do we take a new path, one that is geared towards true freedom, self-sufficiency, and real progress?

You may ask, what is this real progress, and how is it different from the progress we are experiencing now? I believe that real progress is that which is experienced by all, and not just the rich. See for example, how condominiums are built every day for the rich to reside comfortably in while the poor still live in slums! Is that what you call progress?

With this, I humbly ask you all for the chance and honor to be your president. As someone who has integrated with the greater masses and thus has become aware of the true struggles they face, I promise you this: You will no longer be left behind by the march of progress; you will be at the forefront of it.  Now is the beginning of a new chapter. 

How can we achieve this? We can achieve this by empowering the marginalized. They will lead the way to progress. We will provide housing, distribute land to farmers, aid our fisherfolk, and raise the minimum wage. Through these steps, we will be able to create an economic system that prioritizes the interests of our own people and not of the foreign powers. Most of our budget will be directed to this aspect of the campaign. 

Furthermore, we will criminalize all forms of discrimination. Never again will our women, LGBTQIA++, and indigenous peoples be belittled, harassed, and commodified. Together, let us begin our path to true progress. As Martin Luther King once said, “Let us not wallow in the valley of despair.” Thank you!