By: Dollyn Joy Salmoro & Mary Clarisse Surmion

Communication plays an important role in our daily living for it helps us in giving and receiving information to one another. For the past years, its improvements are no joke. From writing on stones, leaves and woods, to sending of letters through pigeons and horses, to the discovery of Morse code and telegraph. Then in late 1900’s, telephones, radios and newspapers were made and it was followed by the invention of beepers and computers (Jiminez, 2014).

Fifty years from now, changes in modes of communication might happen in a blink of an eye. For instance, the interaction with one another will be in voice commands and the technologies with the use of sensory communication will rise (Monotype, 2019). Augmented reality system will be invented and one possible application is through the set of reality glasses wherein one can view anything that is happening in the world and see real-time digital information about what you are viewing (Strickland, 2019). We are also about to enter an era of video conferencing and artificial intelligence because of the presence of webcams on laptops and televisions. Lastly, interpersonal communication will slowly disappear in our everyday living. People will depend on the improved mediums that they can use rather than meeting each other, which could affect their social relationship (Guaita, 2017).

Even in today’s generation, improvements in communication are already visible and it can be seen through our cellular phones, social networks, and other medias (Martinez, 2014). So what more after 50 years?

Change is inevitable and therefore, lots of improvement will be made in our daily communication. It had been through a lot of stages, and it will be more efficient in the future. Whatever changes that might happen, we must remember to use these modes of communication wisely.

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